(whats the story) morning glory? asked:

i still want to keep it legal but ive heard that there are cheaper VIRUS FREE ways to buy music online. like my teacher told me about this russian website where songs are 17 cents each. so like i said are there any cheaper ways to buy music online?
by the way, i would still have to import the songs into iTunes

Tim S asked:

Is there any legal way to buy music and own it (able to burn it), without paying a dollar per track?

The only thing I have found is eMusic, but Im not sure it has popular songs.
I mean so you you can own the song and be able to burn it onto CDs, without having to pay for both a subscription and an additional fee to be able to burn it.
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Manda Panda asked:

I bought my boyfriend a guitar for our anniversary but now I can’t afford to buy any sheet music. I really wanted to print out some sheet music of his favorite songs on nice paper to give to him along with the guitar. I am looking for a specific website that has popular radio songs. I have tried googling it but I am not really finding much. Most of what I found doesn’t look like real sheet music you buy in the store. I want it to look nice because like I said before, I want to be able to print it out on nice paper and I don’t want it to look crappy. (Where I register domain)
Is there anyone that can actually find me one and forward it to me? Everything I am finding looks like this http://www.chordie.com/chord.pere/www.guitaretab.com/s/strait-george/18555.html. I want something that is more organized and uniform. It just looks to jumbled to me. And I don’t think sheet music you buy looks this way.

Mr. Shankly asked:

I play classical piano. There is only one major online store that I know of, that has a large selection of in-stock classical sheet music, and that is sheetmusicplus.com .

Most other stores focus on “popular” music, or they only offer “downloadable” classical sheet music. I’m looking for places where I can buy quality Urtext paper editions of classical piano music.

Anyone know of some good sites?
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You amaze me…I specifically mentioned the one site I’m aware of, which is…you guessed it…the one you posted. Please read the entire question!

JC 301186 asked:

My uncle does not want the actual CD, he just wants to download the songs from the internet. He is looking for baroque-classical music kind of like Torrelli’s.

Maria F asked:

I listen to all kinds of music so would love a site that has a huge catalogue of different types of songs, including new releases. I’ve tried Napster but seems it’s not available to customers outside the UK. PLEASE HELP!!!

flytzgymnast320 asked:

I need to find a book of jazz standards for an alto/ mezzo soprano voice. Also, I need the sheet music for Crazy on You -Heart (I’m willing to guy the book)

but i need vocal and piano. ive been scammed a few times so i tihnk i want to have it sent to my house istead of downloading.

pj2024 asked:

Hi, I am new to buying music online. where is the best place online to buy DRM – free music that is of high quality? I cannot use itunes ( does not run on linux and i dont like apple ) also i am in europe.


Tori asked:

I can’t find any of Spencer Bell’s CDs anywhere. I don’t have a credit card so I can’t buy the online. Has anyone seen any of his CDs?

pollo asked:

i would like to know if it is legal, and if it is not legal, what law prohibits the selling of said cd’s

where is the best place to buy music online?

HOTDOGGY/ Boxing Teacher asked: where is the best and cheapest place to buy mp3 songs online?

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I want to start selling new cd’s online, where do i buy new stock from to do this?

Bob B asked: Does anyone know if there are wholesalers of music that you can buy at cost price to sell on. Where do music shops buy there cd’s from?

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